Wearing a Mask

Just another day

Being severely depressed all of the time is wearing me down. Being able to do more due to restrictions being lifted hasn’t really helped as I’m at that stage that I don’t want to go out.

On the other side of the coin there have many idiots that have disregarded social distancing. I don’t know what’s worse the ones going to beaches on hot days or the ones going to pubs. No, I’m not a killjoy I just wish people would be sensible when out. When we’ve gone to the coast it’s been late afternoon / early evening generally as it is quieter.

The most selfish people are the anti-vaxxers who don’t believe COVID-19 exists or believe it’s a conspiracy theory. I have a good imagination but I do believe it exists whether it’s because of animals in markets in China or developed in a lab.

Of course, people who have been part of the BLM protesters and protests about COVID-19 haven’t helped either. Not all have worn masks nor was social distancing adhered to. I just don’t get it why people have disregarded ‘rules’ that are in place to help keep us safe.

Apart from walking the dog the main time we go out is for shopping which I’m struggling with. I get very panicky with so many people surroundering me that all I want to do is go home. We have been to the health club a few times which hasn’t been too bad as people are sensible there.

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