Wearing a Mask

January 2022


More blows for mental health

Well now we can’t go out for our Christmas meal so it’s just as well we hadn’t paid it. Not that the money matters it’s missing out on a relaxing meal in pleasant surroundings, and friendly staff being there. Fortunately we have managed to get a fresh turkey and three joints at a butcher’s at a cheaper price than the supermarkets.

It’s going to be a difficult Christmas for my sister and brother in law as they won’t be able to have a family Christmas this year with tougher restrictions there. Their youngest grandchild is coming up for 7 months old so it’s her first Christmas. We have it better than them as at least we can go out and our bubble is with our friend who lives across the road to us.

All we can hope for is next year is better than this year. My sister and brother in law couldn’t celebrate their 40th Wedding Anniversary they wanted to. We couldn’t meet our latest great niece until she was 5 1/2 months when we were able to go away for a holiday. She is adorable like all the others.

Next year one of her sisters is due to give birth to her third child which is actually a scary time for them. Their second child had Edward’s Syndrome and only lived a day which was sad for them and I am just relieved the family (including us) will never forget her. The hospital is looking after our niece due to what happened with her last pregnancy.,

I’m just struggling with severe depression and anxiety so am finding it hard to look forward to anything.

Having a break

Finally we are having a break from the norm which is a relief. Bandit is enjoying being able to have a run off the lead on the beach and sea, He is such a daft dog as he doesn’t like rain or having a shower but likes going into the sea and rivers.

I needed a break as it has been emotionally difficult through COVID-19 and the selfish idiots haven’t helped either. They do whatever they want then complain about restrictions but they don’t think of others. It’s still stressful but I’m glad we have been able to get away to relax so I’m feeling generally better.

The next hurdle is whether we will be able to see family. It’s been a horrible year as we wanted to see them earlier in the year but lockdown stopped that. I have really missed them since lockdown probably because we couldn’t go and see them. Not being able to see the latest edition has been tough but I have seen her on facetime through Facebook which is better than nothing.