Wearing a Mask


COVID-19 Jab

On Tuesday I will be getting my first COVID-19 jab which is good news but also scary as it’s new. I’m surprised I am getting it so quickly as I know people who are older than me or have underlying medical conditions who haven’t had the jab yet even though I’m diabetic.

After being in our third lockdown I am so tired and depressed with everything. We have also had snow more often than not since the week before Christmas. This past week it has been particularly bad has the temperature has been very low. Yesterday and today we haven’t had Bandit out as it’s been so treacherous but hopefully we will be able to get him out.

Having an idiot neighbour doesn’t help either and we don’t even know what we have done wrong apart from having cats. We’re not the only people who have cats and he has been warned (not by us) that if anything happens to any cat he will get the blame. It’s now 8 months on and he is still being childish…..

Boredom, tiredness, lack of interest ….

Now we are on our third lockdown which is stricter and at risk of fines. I do believe the police are going too far in some areas. Two women got fined just for travelling five miles for exercise and got fined for not staying local but what defines as local?

We, under normal circumstances, will travel to places such Hartlepool, Redcar and Seaton Carew just to walk the dog. That’s out of the question as we don’t want to get fined. The most stupid reason I’ve heard of so far for being fined has been for drinking cups of tea on a walk as it’s classed as a picnic even though the people were walking. I haven’t got a problem with people being fined for a good reason such as travelling well out a local area or being in a crowd but not just drinking tea on a walk.

On the other side of the coin where were the police when we went out to walk our dog?

We went to one of our favourite parks and it was so bad for parking there was a queue. There was a queue for the cafe and plenty of people were walking around a small area of the park. We decided not to stay and went on to do some shopping and collect medication. We went to our favourite butcher’s and Rick walked the dog while I went in. Normally I wouldn’t wear a proper face mask but it was horrendous in the shop and social distancing was non-existent. I am face mask exempt but will find another way to cover my mouth and nose. After reading and hearing of people being fined for stupid reasons yet today I wondered why the police couldn’t go to the park.

After the past ten months it is getting very monotonous not going far except for ten when we got away for ten days. My concentration is beginning to worsen and I am finding it hard to do one hobby for long.

More blows for mental health

Well now we can’t go out for our Christmas meal so it’s just as well we hadn’t paid it. Not that the money matters it’s missing out on a relaxing meal in pleasant surroundings, and friendly staff being there. Fortunately we have managed to get a fresh turkey and three joints at a butcher’s at a cheaper price than the supermarkets.

It’s going to be a difficult Christmas for my sister and brother in law as they won’t be able to have a family Christmas this year with tougher restrictions there. Their youngest grandchild is coming up for 7 months old so it’s her first Christmas. We have it better than them as at least we can go out and our bubble is with our friend who lives across the road to us.

All we can hope for is next year is better than this year. My sister and brother in law couldn’t celebrate their 40th Wedding Anniversary they wanted to. We couldn’t meet our latest great niece until she was 5 1/2 months when we were able to go away for a holiday. She is adorable like all the others.

Next year one of her sisters is due to give birth to her third child which is actually a scary time for them. Their second child had Edward’s Syndrome and only lived a day which was sad for them and I am just relieved the family (including us) will never forget her. The hospital is looking after our niece due to what happened with her last pregnancy.,

I’m just struggling with severe depression and anxiety so am finding it hard to look forward to anything.

Having a break

Finally we are having a break from the norm which is a relief. Bandit is enjoying being able to have a run off the lead on the beach and sea, He is such a daft dog as he doesn’t like rain or having a shower but likes going into the sea and rivers.

I needed a break as it has been emotionally difficult through COVID-19 and the selfish idiots haven’t helped either. They do whatever they want then complain about restrictions but they don’t think of others. It’s still stressful but I’m glad we have been able to get away to relax so I’m feeling generally better.

The next hurdle is whether we will be able to see family. It’s been a horrible year as we wanted to see them earlier in the year but lockdown stopped that. I have really missed them since lockdown probably because we couldn’t go and see them. Not being able to see the latest edition has been tough but I have seen her on facetime through Facebook which is better than nothing.

Just another day

Being severely depressed all of the time is wearing me down. Being able to do more due to restrictions being lifted hasn’t really helped as I’m at that stage that I don’t want to go out.

On the other side of the coin there have many idiots that have disregarded social distancing. I don’t know what’s worse the ones going to beaches on hot days or the ones going to pubs. No, I’m not a killjoy I just wish people would be sensible when out. When we’ve gone to the coast it’s been late afternoon / early evening generally as it is quieter.

The most selfish people are the anti-vaxxers who don’t believe COVID-19 exists or believe it’s a conspiracy theory. I have a good imagination but I do believe it exists whether it’s because of animals in markets in China or developed in a lab.

Of course, people who have been part of the BLM protesters and protests about COVID-19 haven’t helped either. Not all have worn masks nor was social distancing adhered to. I just don’t get it why people have disregarded ‘rules’ that are in place to help keep us safe.

Apart from walking the dog the main time we go out is for shopping which I’m struggling with. I get very panicky with so many people surroundering me that all I want to do is go home. We have been to the health club a few times which hasn’t been too bad as people are sensible there.