Wearing a Mask

2020 almost over

It’s been a strange year and I do believe we will have to get used to a new normal. We have COVID-19 to thank for this and all the idiots who didn’t abide by the rules. I am wondering how many of the idiots get the virus and potentially died as they believed they were young and healthy so didn’t think they would get it.

During the first lockdown our latest great niece was born but at the time we didn’t know when we would be able to see her. I had a chat with my sister a couple of months later on Facebook and I was able to see the angel then. My niece’s middle daughter was also there although she is very shy.

It was my sister and brother in law’s 40th wedding anniversary in May but we couldn’t go down to see them. It was tough for all the family as there were restrictions on meeting up. They look after their grandson when their daughter and son in law’s shift class so they were able to form a bubble.

We did manage to get away for ten days even though we feared a second lockdown. It was lovely to get away though and we did quite a bit of walking as the dog went with us. I was relieved we were able to spend a few days with family which included seeing the latest edition.

Since then we have had a second lockdown which hasn’t really made much difference to us and now in tier 3. Our families are in tier 4 so the rules are much stricter for them. Tier 4 may be put in place for all of the UK yet due to COVID and a new strain of it.

What ever happens 20212 can’t be much worse than our lives in 2020.

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