Wearing a Mask

Dark days

I’m having a really tough time of it being so depressed and haven’t got a clue how to beat it this time. Nothing is working so I’m now at the stage that I’ve lost my appetite and forcing myself to snack even if it’s just a buscuit. Losing weight doesn’t worry me as I need to lose weight anyway but I’m scared that if I do lose weight and cheer up I’ll put the weight back on again.

Even being back to some kind of normality isn’t helping at all. It’s hard work trying to get back into a routine for swimming is a struggle. I have plenty of time yet though to complete my sponsored swim.

I’m hoping our break in October will help a bit with my mood as we haven’t been able to get away this year due to COVID-19. A few days will be spent in Essex after a week in Devon so we can see family. Getting away from an idiot neighbour will be a small relief as well

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