Wearing a Mask

I hate being so depressed

I am really struggling with my mood being on that slippery road of going downhill. Yesterday was particularly bad as it is my most hated day of the year. It didn’t help having to remind a certain person what day it was. That said it seemed to make my mood even more but add to that I’m owed money but am still battling to get it four years on. Had it been the other way round I would have been forced to pay it yet as always me, as the victim, can’t get the money owed even though the court knows this. My words were twisted, the judge disregarded what I said and now I have a new battle to fight again just to get what’s owed to me.

It’s so tiring trying to get through each day and the weather doesn’t help. The recent heatwave has eased but it’s still difficult to decide what to wear and I’m not sleeping particularly well either. During the evenings I feel drowsy sometimes but I can guarantee by the time I get to bed I will be wide awake.

At the moment I am either watching DVDs, playing games or reading just to make the time go a bit quicker. If I’m more fortunate I start feeling drowsy. So onwards and downwards until something snaps.

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